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Afta-Stuba by Mark Ford

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Marimba Trio on One Marimba




Marimba Trio on One Marimba

Afta-Stuba is a sequel to my 1988 composition, Stubernic (Stew-bur-nick). Like Stubernic, Afta-Stuba is written for three players on one low-A marimba. This composition can be performed after Stubernic or independently. A few Stubernic motives are utilized in Afta-Stuba, and the main theme at bar 20 is derived from the first three notes of the theme of Stubernic.

Many thanks to those who have performed and enjoyed Stubernic!  Afta-Stuba was a great deal of fun to write. It was premiered at the 2000 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Dallas, Texas with Christopher Deane, Shawn Hart and myself as performers.

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