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Carpe Diem by Susan Powell

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Multipercussion Duet




Carpe Diem by Susan Powell is an exciting and musical duet for multiple percussion.

Carpe Diem by Susan Powell is an exciting multi-percussion duet that uses a limited setup to create interesting rhythmic interplay between two advanced percussionists. At 4:40 in duration, this piece would work really well as an exclamation point in any percussion recital.

“Writing for multiple percussion is not an easy task. Many composers choose the more is better concept and product a lot of complicated noise. Susan Powell has done the opposite. She chose fewer instruments and produced a concise, musical and exciting duo for percussion filled with rhythmic intensity, imagination, musical phrases and good dynamic contrast. Requiring virtuosic skills from each player, this composition is sure to be a hit on any percussion ensemble program.” – John H. Beck – Percussive Notes

Instrumentation – Bongos, 2 snare drums, 5 toms, china cymbal, tambourine, piggyback cymbal, 3 woodblocks, triangle, bass drum, opera gong

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