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Charon by Jonathan Anderson

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Marimba Solo




Charon by Jonathan Anderson is an incredibly quick and heavy piece that is not to be attempted by the faint of heart. This marimba solo requires high levels of technical abilities to play the fast passages with accuracy.  Charon is a perfect piece to schedule on your next recital or jury.

Notes from the composer – “Charon was written for the marimba virtuoso Noriko Tsukagoshi. Noriko and I were students at the University of North Texas College of Music at the same time.  I merely heard the opening statement in my head one morning and thought it was so powerful I just had to use it. Harmonically, it was heavily influenced by Indian classical music using the same raga more than once throughout the piece. The title comes from Greek mythology. Charon (or Kharon) is the boatman that ferries the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron. I felt this fit the dark and aggressive attitude of the piece perfectly.”

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