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Tangents by James Campbell

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Timpani and Hi-Hat




Tangents for Five Timpani and Hi-hat (1997, rvsd. 2011)
James Campbell (b. 1953)

Tangents by James Campbell uses five timpani and hi hat to establish a groove on top of the drums. This solo establishes a cool blend of loud, intense timpani with a cool jazz-like hi hat groove that puts a whole new spin on what we would expect a timpani solo to sound like. This piece is quite technically challenging, making it great for a collegiate jury or recital.

Performance Notes: Although “Tangents” can be performed with any conventional hi-hat, a remote hi-hat and pedal would make the performance more efficient. Place the pedal near the large drums to accommodate the left foot and the hi-hat cymbals near the small drums to facilitate the hands.

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