Twelve Etudes for 2-Mallet Marimba by Larry Lawless

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Twelve Etudes for 2-Mallet Marimba by Larry Lawless

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Twelve Etudes for 2-Mallet Marimba

Percussionist, composer and educator, Larry Lawless has written some wonderful marimba compositions for the 2-mallet performer; intermediate to advanced.  This etudes are super for students who are working on two-mallet marimba performance and sight reading.

“This collection of two-mallet marimba solos focuses on the technical and stylistic development of the intermediate mallet-keyboard performer. Although designed for marimba, several of the etudes could be practiced or performed on xylophone or vibraphone. The composer offers an informative foreword regarding each etude’s structural intent. Lawless states that Etude 1 is similar to a flute or violin etude of Handel or Telemann. Etude 2 reflects a Guatemalan marimba heritage, while Etude 3 is in a “Goldenberg-ish” G-flat major and 12/8 meter. Of particular interest is Etude 6, which is in a jazz style–scored in 2/2 and notated in D major; however, the etude has a sense of E Dorian and several difficult rhythmic passages. Overall, this collection will challenge the intermediate to moderately advanced two-mallet keyboard percussionist. It could be useful for marimba students or as a pedagogical resource for percussion teachers.”

– Jim Lambert, Percussive Notes

Etude No. 1 Video

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